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My home is someone's workplace
if you hire someone in your home to clean, cook, assist, or care for members of the household, you are a domestic employer.

The principles of the Fair Care Pledge can help guide you when making your end of year bonus.

Fair Pay.

An average year-end bonus is usually between one and two weeks pay, although if it feels right to your family, you can of course choose to give more. Think of the bonus as an expression of how much you value your employee, within the boundaries of what you can realistically afford.

If your employee has taken on more responsibilities over the past year than in her initial job description, an increase in her wages is a more appropriate way to compensate her for stepping up.

Clear Expectations.

The holiday bonus provides you with a great opportunity to communicate what you valued about your employee’s work over the past year. This is not the same as a holiday gift (although we love gifts too!) so be sure to distinguish between the two. You may wish to let the nanny, housecleaner, or home attendant you employ know to expect a bonus so she can take it into consideration when making her own holiday plans.

Paid Time Off.

Please keep in mind that a bonus is not a replacement for paid time off. Your employee is also looking forward to their own holiday traditions, so make sure to give generously here too wherever possible.

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